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                                  LANA & TONI 

                                                                                           Comedy, 24min, Inspired by true events


Production MEDIASPOT, Directed by Perica Rai,  DOP Simon Gosnik

Starring: Inja Zalta, Andrei Lenart, Jure Rajšp, Leya Blackbird


Lana and Toni are a couple in a long-term relationship. Lana wants children and a large family, but Toni lives in his own world and shows no signs of wanting to take a step forward in their relationship.


One day, Lana and her best friend Maja head to a castle where Toni's birthday party is supposed to be happening, but to their surprise, there is no one there. The situation gets even more complicated when they bump into Alex, Toni's best friend.
As they are about to walk out of the castle, they come across a box with a very special surprise in it.

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